About Lexingdon Agency

Lexingdon Agency Limited (LAL) is a professional and management consulting company based in Kenya. We offer total financial advisory solutions, Tax consultancy services, Risk assessment, and Management HR Outsourcing, Payroll Management to Property Management, and Cleaning services. Our services help individuals and organizations acquire the best performing business practice that yields high returns and performance through ensuring target objectives are achieved with ease and speed.
Lexington Agency Limited has a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, diversified, and solid team of competent consulting professionals who provide the best solutions to complex time consuming financial and operational challenges to businesses. We are hands on business consulting firm for both
the informal and formal sector in the provision of timely, quality, and effective financial consulting and outsourcing services.
We offer exceptional value professional services in an environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and excellence. Our talented team of professionals in the areas of audit, tax, accounting, information technology, legal, finance, business registration, human resources management, and property management is the easiest people to work with, possessing a wide breadth of industry experience to offer you smart business solutions. 

Mission statement

To provide quality, effective and Timely Professional Support and Management-Outsourcing services to our clients with the aim of being the consulting agency service provider of choice.

Vision statement

To become a premiere agency firm in delivering affordable solution-based results for startups and SMEs.

Why choose us

We excel at carrying our client’s burden like it’s ours. We do so by maintaining a highly-skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, diversified, and solid team of competent professionals in the field of finance, tax, risk assurance, and Hr.-service management. This team allows us to provide timely result-oriented solutions to complex, costly, and time-consuming business operations. Our primary objective is to serve to deliver to our clients’ needs and surpass expectations by offering result-based solutions related to finance tax-issues, and management support services for their businesses.

Why choose us

Our Brand Persona

We are an agency that is not only devoted to its work, but one dedicated to cultivating its brand image and brand persona that empowers our promise to our clients. Our persona identifies with several attributes.


We believe that great work comes from a wholehearted team. LAL is a spirited agency where we invest in all assignments and projects that we pursue. We believe that by doing this, we can guarantee results to all our clients regardless of their needs.


Our expertise and experience allow us to view projects and activities broadly. We develop an in-depth understanding of each client’s needs to ensure that we deliver non-cliche solutions to their needs.

Futuristic Approaches

We are forward-looking. That to us means providing solutions that are technologically ready where needed. We strive to ensure that our clients have up-to-date tools that enhance easiness and efficiency.

Our Commitment to You


We are passionate about exceptional business performance and integrity in every project we pursue. Our large workforce of talented accountants, lawyers, and economists is part of a strong, on-site presence that maintains control of all aspects of a project, including legal, quality, and schedule. With our wide range of in-house capabilities, including many cross-trained staff, we can supplement every trade and accurately predict costs associated with trade work. Clients appreciate our diligence, providing real time solutions as needs arise, rather than waiting for a punch list. This proactive approach gives us greater control over the key elements of quality, scheduling, and cost efficiency.

Value Delivery

We apply the best practices and standards to delivery the desired results to our clients. Our value delivery approach is optimized towards achieving the desired goals for our clients. For that, we work to define their goals to ensure that any advice we give aligns with those goals which could include cost savings, improved performance, compliance, and effectiveness. From the first day of working with us, we’ll articulate to our clients what we will do for them to show how we deliver value that matters to them and their businesses.

Don't take our word for it

We serve all companies including startups, SMEs, and established companies. 

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We have helped more than two dozen clients to register their businesses, file taxes, streamline their finances, among others. We excel at carrying our clients' burdens like our own and we can do the same for you.

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